Republican Rep.: I Joined Congress To Stop Single Moms From Getting Welfare

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As our “tolerant” friends to the left praise Obama’s ability to throw America’s money away, Conservatives and many Republics can’t help but to feel otherwise.  A congressman recently took the floor of congress to demonstrate exactly why Obama’s revisions to welfare have not only hurt women, but society as a whole.

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert took advantage of the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” to speak about just that.  But instead of talking about the “progress” liberals claim has been made, he spoke just the opposite.

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Gohmert explained that the War on Poverty had a major part to do with why he ran for congress.  Explaining that after the creation of welfare in the 60’s women found themselves dropping out of college and having babies for government support. Sadly though, the women were quick to realize that this “support” wasn’t enough to pay their daily bills.  So they would opt to have another child for even more money, but finding that this didn’t pay enough either, the women ended up resorting to welfare fraud.

He recalled one woman having a total of 15 children, some of which she didn’t even know where they were.

Now when these women came in front of him for Welfare fraud during the days he served as a State judge, instead of sending them to jail, he offered them probation with 800 hours of community service.  As a further initiative, he put in a clause that would erase 750 of those hours if the women would get either a GED or high school diploma. But why would he do that?

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He explains that time and time again, it is proven that if a man or woman has a high school diploma, it significantly contributed to that family’s financial stability.  He then throws a nice little dig at Obama saying that used to be the case for college graduates, but because of the recent turn of events, he’s not sure what the statistics are on that.

He continued by saying that after Republicans assumed control of Congress in 1995, Welfare reform took place that required people to work in order to receive welfare.  This in turn made welfare into a more supplemental program rather than one that promotes lazy people that don’t have to work.

Gohmert states that unfortunately, when Obama was elected, he reversed Welfare reform and just began to hand out free money again.  He goes on to explain that this creates “a vicious cycle of dependence,” and an environment that will most likely breed fraud.

Of course, the lapdogs of Obama are having a field day with this, calling Gohmert things such as; outraged, uncaring, and out-of-control.  The fact of the matter here is when the left loses an argument to intellect, they resort to name calling–that’s why they call Conservatives racist, and that’s why they are calling Gohmert all these names.

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It doesn’t take much of a wiz to realize that he in no way was out-of-control or uncaring.  In fact, Gohmert spoke out of care for women and society.  Education is needed, and welfare proposes an easier way to life where no effort is required for survival.

What do you think of Obama’s welfare and how the media acts when it loses an argument? Let us know in a comment below!

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