Horrifying Video Shows Girl Savagely Beaten By Her Own Friends Who Then Held Her Down To Be Raped

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Terrifying cell phone footage shows the worst day in one 16-year-old girl’s life.  In the video, she is held captive by her own friends and brutally beaten by them as they demand she have sex with another man.  When she did not comply, her friends then ripped her clothes off and held her down as he raped her.

Patricia Montes and Erica Avery, ages 15 and 16–one of whom was a friend of the victim since kindergarten–were at a party with the victim and 3 male friends.  The 6, none of which were over 21, were reportedly drinking beer and smoking marijuana when Lanel Singleton, 18, whipped out his cell phone to record the event as things got out of hand.

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Apparently demands were made that the victim sleep with Jayvon Woolfork, 19.  She declined and went to leave the house to smoke a cigarette when another man, Dwight Henry, 17, stopped her from leaving.  This is when things became physical for the victim as her friends began to beat her.


Her so-called friends savagely beat her with their fists, kicked her, threw her down a flight of stairs and even slammed her face repeatedly on the concrete.  After almost beating the victim to unconsciousness and possibly death, they ripped the clothes from her body and held her down where Woolfork proceeded to rape her.

Prosecutor Maria Schneider described the video saying, “The cruelty shown on this video . . . was repeated over and over again . . . The girls are trying to remove her bra. You saw the victim sitting on the toilet crying, her face blown up and swollen from injuries, and then they beat her.”

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The assailants then let her go where she was able to stumble to the road and flag down a car.  The driver took her to her house where she fell unconscious because of her injuries.  Her parents then promptly took her to a hospital where she was reported to have broken bones in her face, facial swelling so bad she couldn’t open her eyes, and was bleeding from the ears.

The video was shown at a bail hearing for the two girls, Montes and Avery, in which the prosecutor told the court, “This 16-year-old woman, both of her eyes were closed from being beaten, she had blood coming from one of her ears.”

Although Montes remained emotionless throughout the proceedings, Avery was noted to have grinned and rolled her eyes on several occasions–so much in fact, that the girl’s attorney had to periodically remind Avery to regain her composure.

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Avery and Montes are charged as adults with two counts each of felony armed sexual battery and kidnapping.  Woolfork, Singleton and Henry have also been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault charges. “All have pleaded not guilty and are being held on bond with the exception of Montes.”

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