‘I Heard It Doesn’t Work’ College Students Outraged Over Obamacare

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A reporter for Breitbart News recently interviewed students at two universities in Tallahasse, Florida and many of the students interviewed disapproved of Obamacare and the website rollout. One student described how her mom and dad are “pissed” about their premiums going up.

One student had mentioned she had heard about the problems with the website, while another student talked about how his hours are starting to get cut at a local restuarant where he works so that his employer won’t be forced to cover a health plan.

He explained his outrage over how its cheaper for the restaurant to cut employee’s hours to 29 hours and hire new part-time employees to cover the slack, in order to follow the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Many students also expressed their shock when the reporter told them they would have to pay fines. One student who was interviewed – identified as Alexandra – said, “If I can’t afford to pay for the damn insurance, what makes them think I can pay them?” She asked.

In another video, a Campus Reform reporter talked to students at historically black, Bowie University and their sentiments were largely the same. One student says she’s disappointed with Obama while another says, “we don’t have that money, we can barely buy books.” She was referring to the expected costs that the reporter points out of “about $3,000 per year.”

Here’s that full video:

Maybe it is time for more propaganda from the White House. Maybe we need another ad campaign geared towards convincing college students to enroll in Obamcare. Here are a few of the ridiculous Obamacare marketing campaigns geared to college students and young people that we have already covered:

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Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Do you agree with the college students? Do you think Obamacare stands a chance without the support and enrollment of young people?

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