WATCH: Baby Tries To Rip Obama’s Face Off

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A new video is going viral that shows a baby doing exactly what so many American citizens would like to do to Obama—rip his face off.  Of course being a cute little baby, Secret Service didn’t have as big a problem with little baby Joshua as they would with your average adult.

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The incident occurred last Friday when Obama made a surprise visit to the Coupe in Columbia Heights.

After eating, he took to mingling with the others “lucky” enough to be in the restaurant at the same time.


Stumbling across the baby, as most anyone else would do, he wandered over for a couple photos displaying his nurturing, father-like personality.

Little did he know he had another thing coming when he picked up the baby named Joshua.  The baby attempted to gouge at the face of the most powerful man in the world.

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Now of course it’s unclear if it was just baby instinct or if he was a true Obama hater, but either way, it was funny nonetheless.

Take a look at an edited video of the occurrence by Brietbart below:

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