Detroit Politician BUSTED While Driving with Open Alcohol Bottle and Marijuana

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One of America’s most corrupt cities (and most bankrupt) just became a little more corrupt.

The newly-elected President Pro-Term of the Detroit City Council George Cushingberry is finding himself in hot water after he was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving Tuesday.

During that stop, police asked Cushingberry to get out of his car. An officer found marijuana in the vehicle and smelled alcohol. A Detroit police patrol supervisor was then called to the scene, and instructed that Cushingberry be free to go.

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Cushingberry claims the supervisor said, “Well, we’re not trying to ruin your career or anything.”

Local 4 Detroit reports, “The supervisor’s actions have prompted an internal investigation by Detroit Police Internal Affairs, said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the Council President Brenda Jones said the traffic stop is a personal matter that has become a distraction for the council. “This is a police issue, and it’s being investigated,” Jones said. “I don’t make any judgments on anybody,” she went on to say.

It has been widely reported that Cushingberry had been leaving a Strip Club the night he was pulled over. The place is called, “Penthouse Lounge.”

Cushingberry says he was not leaving a strip club and he was only having dinner there. So I did a quick google search because curiosity was getting the best of me.

You can decide for yourself. Does this look like a place where you would go for dinner?

penthouse lounge

You would think Cushingberry would just apologize for his role in the incident and insist that he just wants to return to his duties. But this isn’t the case.

The defiant Cushingberry has pulled the race card. This is what he told his city council colleagues: “I wanted to say to my colleagues, if any of you were embarrassed by the driving while black incident that happened to me, please forgive me,” he said at the council table. “It’s unfortunate we still have these types of incidents in our city.”

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The Detroit Free Press wrote:

“[Detroit’s Emergency Manager] Kevin Orr can’t remove Cushingberry from office, but he can defund the position, an action he took against former council President Charles Pugh when the former television broadcaster stopped attending council meetings last summer. Pugh eventually resigned as council president and from the council.”

As a result of Cushinberry’s traffic stop, he eventually only recieved a minor taffic citation.

What are your thoughts on the story? Should Cushingberry face a harsher punishment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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