Experts DESTROY Holder’s Demands Not To Punish Black Students

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Just a few days ago, Attorney General Eric Holder ridiculously informed the public that black students were being punished more often and “harsher” than white students.  He then made demands to change schools current zero-tolerance policies in order to fight the current racial discrimination of students via punishment or suspension.  After hearing his obnoxious claims, Educational experts had no choice but to dispute the inaccurate claims.

During his statement, Eric Holder made an extremely transparent demonstration while playing the race card.  This time, he accused the education system of targeting black students when they use their current zero-tolerance policies.  Ignoring the fact that African Americans are statistically proven commit more crime, he made the bold claims demanding schools change their ways.

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Needless to say, a few school officials had a field day with the baseless accusations saying that it is illegal to tell schools who they can punish and how they must do it depending on the color of their skin. In order to get some clarification on how school officials felt, The Daily Caller did some calling of their own.

Joy Pullmann, managing editor of School Reform News stated that, “It’s ridiculous to assign quotas for discipline based on race If we did that, for one thing, we’d have to believe that Asian students are severely under-disciplined,”– I don’t know about you, but that sounds downright racist (hopefully that doesn’t get back to Holder).

Andrew Coulson, director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, stated that it would in turn have a disruptive outcome on classrooms by allowing already troublesome students to stay in the classroom.  He clarified by stating, “The kinds [of kids] who just want to be free to learn in peace, who are not disruptive, have their education injured by the disruptive kids who remain in the classroom.”

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Pullmann agreed by later expressing the concern that after a while, “Kids of the favored race know they can get away with more, so they misbehave more, and the well-behaved kids lose out on instruction because the teacher is busy trying to manage unruly students she can’t send to the principal’s office.”

Frederick Hess, director of education policy at the American Enterprise Institute feared, “they are telling schools that even if you have policies that are clearly neutral, that are clearly evenhanded, that are clearly designed to create safe environments for students and educators, DOJ still might come down on you like a ton of bricks.”

Hess further speculated, “The only possible explanation is that you have got a room full of civil rights lawyers having a field day without talking to the real people, [and] the educators who are going to be affected.”

So in turn, you have these “race baiters” and race card players sitting in a room almost intentionally trying to figure out a way to excuse the most offensive acting population. Why–because their ancestors endured through slavery and oppression of white ancestors that no longer exist (a quality most likely none of them have ever experienced)?

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Doesn’t it seem that we should be trying to find a way to solve the behavioral issues instead of trying to make excuses for it and blaming other people?

Let us know what you think of Holder’s asinine and extremely ignorant statement in a comment below!

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