Allen West: Liberals Have Driven Up Poverty Roles And Effectively Lost The War On Poverty

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As the national debt continues to plummet more and more Americans are becoming dependent on the government.  Whether it’s because they have lost their job, or are abusing the system, billions of dollars are lost every year. Allen West recently took to Fox News to discuss that the reason behind all this, is mostly Democrat’s and Liberal’s fault.

Now he does place some of the blame on Republicans because of their lack to stand up to Democrats on the matter—mainly for political reasons.  West demands that Democrats must stop making a habit of demagoging Republicans and portraying them as, “mean, evil, hateful, or greedy,” and in turn that Republicans not be afraid of it.

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After all, at some point these handouts are going to have to stop.  If everyone is dependent on the government, and no one is working, then where will the money come from to pay American citizens? I suppose it would come from the same place we are pulling money from now to pay our bills.

Allen West claims that although there is a need for the American people to have a safety net, we cannot abuse it in good conscience—and it is the government’s role to make sure it doesn’t happen (despite the fact that it is). He states that politicians need to find some way to encourage Americans to live the “American dream,” and actually want to go back to work.  Cutting off these handouts for freeloaders sounds like a good place to start.

He claims that instead, Democrats have created a country that uses the dependant and thrives off creating more.  He explains that Liberals and Democrats have driven up poverty roles as well as food stamp roles in their never ending quest to secure more votes.

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Of course Liberals will be the first to explain that all the people on welfare need these benefits, but what this country really needs is an economic revival.

Allen West further conveys that after 50 years of fighting the war on poverty, Democrats have effectively lost the war and in fact, promoted what we were supposed to be fighting against.

West concludes that Americans as a whole, are a benevolent and charitable people, and although there will be times of hardship, it is the government’s role to minimalize these times—not prolong them as Obama and Democrats are doing.

Republicans need to make a united stand against Obama and his army of sheep in effort to stop wasteful spending.  Cutting back on unnecessary government assistance is a great place to start.  This would light a fire under lackadaisical butts, and get people working again.  Once people start working more, they start making more, and when they make more, they spend more.  It has been proven time and time again that for a positive and strong economy, American’s must be working and spending money.

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It seems as Obama is perfectly happy with the economy right where it lies, and in fact would much appreciate the opposite.

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