Obama Making Secretive Back Room Deals With Iran

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Reports are coming to light showing more dishonesty from the White House and also potentially demonstrate that Obama has been doing more with Iran than he initially put on.

Iran and American struck an extremely unforeseen deal in November, as the two nations haven’t really spoke in political terms for decades—the only form of communications being empty death threats hurled at America from Iran.

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That being said, most of the country was quite taken back by the news, and although the hard work was complete by Jake Sullivan, Obama rose to the spot light to claim the glory of other people’s work.  It wasn’t until the praise died down that the White House released that it was actually Sullivan who masterminded the strategy.

As it turns out though, new reports are exposing yet another lie set forward by Obama and his administration. Claiming negotiations between the two nations came closer to the release of the agreement, actual contact began in July of 2012.

Reports reveal that Hillary Clinton—the then Secretary of Defense–and the deputy chief of staff for policy, Jake Sullivan, took a trip through Europe in July, 2012.  As previously undisclosed, it looks like Sullivan snuck away while in Paris to Oman for nuclear discussions with Iranian officials.

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Although the deal appears quite transparent, it mainly states that if Iran stops all nuclear developments, the, “US will alleviate some of the harsh sanctions placed on Iran.”  However, some have speculated that the real reason for Iran’s decision was money Obama had promised to ease Iran’s hurting financial status.  You know, the way he handles all his problems—throws money America doesn’t have at it.

Sullivan looks to stand as the next Secretary of Defense if Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016.  One of Clinton’s aides explained, “He’s essentially a once-in-a-generation talent.”

Either way, what do you say that we don’t let Hillary back into the White House in 2016?  Let us know your thoughts on the matter in a comment below. Is Obama making other back door deals with Iran behind the country’s back?

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