Obama’s “Promise Zones” A Socialistic Redistribution Of Wealth?

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As we reported yesterday about Obama’s “Promise Zones,” there is a lot of stipulation behind his proposed “charitable” distribution of tax payer money.  Some speculate that Obama is making a blatant attempt to buy votes, but others are looking at it a bit differently.  Recent conjecture suggests that Obama’s “Promise Zones,” is in an all out effort to re-write our economic status where we would exert a redistribution of wealth.

Many people in America have called Obama a Socialist, and this is exactly why.  Redistribution of wealth suggests that if you take from the rich and give to the poor, it will allow for greater all around spending, and in turn, a better functioning economy.

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But as most of us here in the United States feel, you get what you earn—and if you want to earn, you go to work.  It’s bad enough there are millions of welfare recipients mooching off the government for no other reason than their lackadaisical mindset spouting, “why should I work if the government will give me free money?”  Freeloaders like this are one of the biggest problems in America, leeching our government dry as our nation’s debt continues to plummet.

Obama and his highly esteemed “tolerant” Democrats however, seem to see this another way.  Although they claim that everyone deserves the support of the government, we all know their true reasoning to be an effort to enslave citizens with dependency—and in turn for free money, Democrats get reelected.

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So when we see that Obama is just throwing our tax payer dollars at the poorer places in America, what else are we to think? Obama is literally exercising the redistribution of wealth.  He is mandating money from hard working American citizens and then throwing it to communities where the majority are on welfare, or depend on some form of already tax payer funded government assistance.

But of course as the deceit spews from Obama’s mouth he claims, “We will help them succeed, not with a handout, but as partners.” And we will indeed—did you really think you had a choice in the matter?

Obama seeks to further cover up the true meanings behind his glorious acts of kindness saying, “A child’s destiny should be determined not by her ZIP code but by the strength of her work ethic and the scope of her dreams.”  But is that really the issue? Stories surface time and time again of extremely successful people coming from communities just like these using nothing more that sheer willpower. Yet Obama is stealing from the working class in order to give freeloaders more money?

So what is expected of this money? Obama claims that the communities lucky enough to be labeled a “Promise Zone,” must use the money for the financial and economic development of the area.

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Rick Wells of The Free Patriot comically adds that Obama, “will be watching. Just like Santa Claus, if you are naughty and don’t keep your promises to him, you won’t get any more free stuff. But it you live up to your promise, his majesty will reward you.”

What do you guys think of Obama’s latest scheme—could this be an intentional attempt to change America into a Socialistic Democracy? Let us know in a comment below!

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