Russian Celebrity: U.S. TSA Stripped Me Naked

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A Russian TV star visiting the U.S. says that she was violated, stripped naked, and searched by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when she arrived at the airport in Miami, Florida.

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Russian TV celebrity and political activist Ksenia Sobchak says that TSA workers claimed they detected explosives residue on her fingers and demanded the search to make sure she wasn’t a terrorist. (This isn’t the first complaint from a celebrity about the TSA as you can see in the video above.)

The woman was returning from a Christmas party in December.

Russian TV star Ksenia Sobchak.

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Sobchak says that a “large black woman” took her in a room, stripped her naked, and performed a “pervy” search all over her body. The celebrity says she felt it was a “sexual act.”

The woman says that the stuff on her fingers was an oil rub from a spa massage.

“Sobchak said she had a spa massage with jojoba oil mixed with glycerin before boarding her flight that might have triggered the airport’s security equipment. She said she was told that this happens two or three times a day at the airport,” reports RIA Novosti.

Sobchak, 32, formerly the host of a long-running reality show and now an anchor at an independent TV channel, claimed on Twitter she was “lost for words” when she was asked to strip naked before she was allowed to proceed to the flight to Moscow.

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TSA spokesmen, though, deny that the Russian was stripped naked and says that isn’t their policy in the first place. They don’t strip anyone, terrorist or no.

So, do you believe the TSA or the Russian who has close ties to Vladimir Putin? That is a tough call as neither are trustworthy. But I think I lean toward believing that the TSA didn’t strip the woman and she is just trying to curry favor with the America-hating Putin by making these false claims and making an international incident over it all.

But, I am certainly just speculating. What do you think? Tell us the the talk back section.

(H/T InfoWars)

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