Virginia Senator Wants to Make Oral Sex Between Teens a Felony

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A Virginia State legislator is continuing to work on plans to pass a law to make oral sex between teenagers a felony.

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Conservative state Senator Thomas Garrett has submitted a law that calls oral sex among teens a “crime against nature.”

Garrett’s law would make it illegal to have carnal knowledge of “any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth” who is of a certain age. The bill stipulates that his bill would not pertain to adults.

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A federal court, however, has raised concerns about the law telling Garrett that as written the bill cannot go through because it violates the 14th Amendment guaranteeing the rights of due process and equal protection.

Garrett is soon to offer some amendments that he feels will satisfy the courts.

The Senator says that his bill is aimed at preventing sexual predation.

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But UCLS law professor and conservative Eugene Volokh says that Garrett has the wrong focus if he wants to attack sex predators. “If he wants to prosecute people who abuse children, why not write a law that would ban abuse of children,” Volokh said.

Naturally the gay groups are all upset over this law claiming it intends to criminalize them but Garrett says that criminalizing gays isn’t his intention at all and he notes that his bill is still evolving and not in its final form.

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“Our office has been inundated with extremely unsavory telephone calls and emails,” Senator Garrett said. “For the record, I have heard the concerns and have started to draft an amendment to my bill that will deal with the unintended consequences of a bill that is nothing but well-intentioned.”

It is always a very loaded problem to try and criminalize sexual activity in this day and age, don’t you think? Tell us in the comments.

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