Eric Holder: Black Children Are Unfairly Suspended

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So here we go again, our “tolerant” friends to the left are seeking to mellow out punishment for those that happen to have black skin.  You read that right. Attorney General Eric Holder is on a personal crusade to change school’s current, “zero-tolerance” policies because blacks are unfairly punished.

The policies usually suspend children for possession of things such as weapons or drugs.  Now although these aren’t necessarily violent, the Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, claims that, “as many as 95% of out-of-school suspensions are from non-violent misbehavior.”  We must ask though, is it any less wrong—“misbehavior” must still have consequences, right?

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The fact of the matter here is that these behavioral problems start at home.  If you want to fix the child, you are going to have to make the parents do it—school faculty and staff certainly hold no power of persuasion over children with behavioral problems.  The trick is to inconvenience the parents, and by sending the children home, parents have to call in to work—a circumstance where parents are hopefully forced to step in.

Of course officials are quick to point out that percentage-wise, blacks are the most frequently suspended as schools enact their zero tolerance policy.  But this couldn’t be due to the fact that African Americans are statistically proven to be more criminally prone—of course not, that’s just absurd (and racist).  So instead, let’s have the African-American Attorney General and President play the race card again.

So what do we do now? We just take away whatever contraband they had and send the criminals back to class—after all that’s what they are once they bring drugs or weapons onto school grounds.  What would happen to an adult that brought a weapon onto school property? He would be hauled off to jail in a new pair of shiny bracelets.

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Playing the race card has become so blatant and, apparently, accepted that people aren’t even bashful about using it anymore.  Holder came right out and publicly stated in a statement, “We’re not afraid to say that if…you’re a kid of color under these zero tolerance approaches you are unfairly likely to be suspended.”

So what do you guys think of this—more liberal nonsense or a legitimate concern? Let us know in a comment below!

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