VIDEO: Thousands Come To Watch Barbaric Pig Fights

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An event few people even know still exist draws crowds by the thousands in places like China, Philippines, Indonesia, and South Korea.  The events pit a variety of animals, such as pigs, bison and horses, against each other in a brutal fight to the death for nothing more than human entertainment.

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Having animals fight each other to the death for the entertainment of man isn’t unheard of. As time goes on however, it is banned in more and more places.  Man continues to become more humane as a whole, but certain parts of the world cling to these activities referring to the events as, “ancient tradition.”


Of course as all animal cruelty has been banned from America, there are a few places that allow certain violent acts done to animals in the form of entertainment—such as bullfighting in Spain.

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In the events, animals such as pigs, bison and horses are placed in the ring where a fight to the death ensues.  The event coordinators rile up the beasts before hand by parading around an “in season” female in front of the two competitors.


They then open the gates to their cages where the two fight for the honor of the female.  In a, “biting, kicking and rearing,” event, the two violently battle each other, despite their own excruciating pain, until the other one drops.  Some animals have known to die in the ring strictly from exhaustion.

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Although their cries fall upon deaf ears, animal rights activists have been trying desperately for decades to put an end to the inhumane form of entertainment calling it, “barbaric,” and, “bloodthirsty.”  One trainer recently told reporters, “We know the world frowns on this but for us it is an ancient tradition. We will not stop these contests because they are part of our culture.”


Despite the controversy, thousands of spectators come from miles around in order to watch the events.

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Now we all know that animals should not be hurt or killed for any other reason than food—but how does this make you feel? Is it just people celebrating their culture or a no longer necessary act of animal cruelty? Let us know in a comment below!

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