Obama’s Anti-Poverty Crusade Turns Out To Be Another Way For Democrats To Buy Votes


January 9, 2014 1:53pm PST

As we have reported here countlessly about the wasteful spending habits Obama has become accustomed to, they usually have one thing in common—how to get more people to vote for Democrats.  In his latest scheme that wears the façade of helping the poor, Obama is trying to sway votes to the blue side of the isle.

The problem with Obama is that the only way he can manage to save face is by throwing money at whatever issue he faces. So yes, all of Obama’s expenditures contribute to the seemingly bottomless national debt, but they all seem to make an attempt to imprison citizens with dependency.  In other words, Obama loves the American people being dependent of government handouts.

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Republicans, on the other hand, strive for a great country. A country that works for itself, has pride in earning a living and if this were allowed to be the case—although liberals like to disagree—would most likely bring the economy back to life.

But you see, this isn’t good for Democrats because they need to remain in power despite what is best for this country. And who doesn’t like free money? So as Obama attempts to buy votes, the rest of the working class are left dumbfounded wondering why he is spending more money in such an unfair manner.

Obama has launched a program through HUD, or Housing and Urban Development, that he is calling “Promise Zones.” Is this in some form a mockery of God leading the Israelites to the Promised Land? Is Obama in some strange way referring to himself as God?

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Anyways, the program sets to establish 20 communities that will receive extra, “tax incentives and grants to cities deemed poverty-stricken.”  But William Bigelow of Breitbart seems to point out something a little more politically mischievous.

Begelow claims that the true reason behind Obama throwing money at the poor isn’t in fact random, but politically strategized.  HUD has already released 5 of the 20 communities that won the lottery being San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  And strangely enough, four out of these five stand on the fence between party dominance.  In other words, Obama is hoping that by throwing this money at the poorer regions of America, that it will sway uncaring votes to the left.

He claims that Obama has targeted regions where Republicans only consist of the majority by a miniscule amount—either that or the areas where Republican politicians have a low approval rating.  If that is the case, a convenient government handout may just be enough to sway some Democratic votes—you know, on account of how generous the Democratic Party is.

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Other areas are easier targets being that votes are almost literally split down the middle. Again, a financial “gift” may just be enough to ensure a Democrat is elected in future political races.

So what do you think of Obama’s latest ruse—is this Obama just being generous or a pathetically deceitful attempt to buy Democratic votes? Let us know in a comment below!


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