VIDEO: Man Victim of Police Brutality in New Hampshire

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A man in New Hampshire posted a video to Youtube that he says proves police in Seabrook abused him by slamming his face into a brick wall and then pepper spraying him when he was down and dazed on the floor.

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Mike “MJB” Bergeron, a white Seabrook resident and supposedly an “aspiring rapper,” is considering a lawsuit against the Seabrook police for the vicious abuse he suffered at their hands. The video seems to be pretty clear showing an officer purposefully slamming the young man’s face into the wall after which he falls to the floor, but what happens when he is on the floor is not in camera shot.

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The incident occurred after Bergeron was arrested for driving while intoxicated back on Nov. 11, 2009. The victim just obtained the video which is why it is only now going viral on the Internet.

Seabrook Town Manager Bill Manzi confirmed the existence of video and said that three of the officers shown in the video “have been placed on administrative leave” pending the “results” of a “comprehensive investigation into the incident.”

Bergeron explained what happened on his Youtube posting:

charged with a dwi and tried explaining that I wasn’t drunk and they could be out catching actual criminals. then after being in the cell for a while waiting for a bail bonds man I was taken out and brought in the booking room to call for a ride. after calling a ride I was told I could take my phone that I called from and my wallet. as soon as I grabbed my wallet from the table he officer with the glasses came at me saying he never told me I could take my stuff and choked me against the wall then tried to grab the wallet from my pocket. once he got the wallet and my phone this is what happened. there was no lawsuit made due to the fact I found a lawyer and the lawyer took the tapes and disappeared for 2 years until I finally tracked him down and go it back but now I think its to late to do anything with it even though I have a permanent lump on the back of my head chipped teeth and brain injuries but talking to a lawyer soon well see what happens.

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No other comments on the incident have been forthcoming from the city or Seabrook Police Chief Lee Bitomske.

This isn’t the first time that Seabrook police have exerted way too much force. The excellent New Hampshire blog Granite Grok reminds us of another incident.

GGrok presents a video showing the Seabrook police tackling a young woman, injuring her, and knocking her two-year-old cousin to the floor–both suffered injuries. The police illegally entered the home without permission or a warrant and took a four and five year old to another house that housed a Level 2 registered sex offender and pedophile. When those involved objected, the officers responded, “Not our problem. Take it up with the judge.”

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What do you guys think? More examples of the growing police state? Tell us below.

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