Hawaii Residents Irritated With Michelle Obama’s Extended Stay


January 9, 2014 10:25am PST

Well folks, it turns out that Michelle Obama is showing her true narcissistic tendencies just as her husband does.  As she continues her lavish Hawaiian vacation on the tax payer’s dime, Hawaii natives are ready for the mooch to return to D.C.

As she carelessly contributes to the, already abysmal, nation’s debt, it looks like she has been taking some time to spend with her celebrity friends.  The entitled FLOTUS has been making frequent visits to Oprah Winfrey’s, “palatial 12-bedroom Maui estate.”

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During that time, Secret Service has been shutting down almost all access around her making day-to-day- life for residents, literally impossible.  Beyond this, as she thoughtlessly carries about her leisurely activities, she seems oblivious that her time there is hindering others from their own recreational activities—Secret Service has been shutting down local hiking trails.

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey

Along with this, nearby shop owners disapprove of Michelle’s hindrance stating that her appearance is hurting their businesses.  Security checkpoints are not allowing customers to come to certain stores. Along with this, other shops can’t even stock their shelves because Secret Service won’t let their delivery trucks through.  One business owner even reported that the employees are reporting to work “very late,” on account of Michelle’s security delays.

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But that’s alright I guess. I mean—heck—why shouldn’t she be able to take a load off once in a while and relax? It is her right after all.  I mean, it must be hard doing literally nothing all year and spending mandated tax payer dollars instead of your own, is just a way to let it all go.

Well I’m sure Hawaii locals will be sure to bid Michelle a nice farewell in true, “don’t let the door hit you,” fashion.

Isn’t it ridiculous that she’s still there in the first place let alone allowed to spend tax payer dollars on her personal vacation? Let us know what you think about Michelle in a comment below!


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