Gangsters Prove To Make Deadly Mistake After Attempting To Rob MMA Fighter’s House

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It turns out that MMA fighter’s houses may not be the smartest to break into. Four gang bangers learned this the hard way after doing just that.  After the dust had settled, two of the intruders were able to escape unscathed, one was rushed to the hospital and leader of the group was pronounced dead on the scene.

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The incident actually started on New Year’s Eve when the MMA fighter, Joe Torrez got into a verbal altercation with gang member Sal Garces who ended up threatening Torrez.  Making his intentions perfectly clear, Garces started a phone call to Torrez with a little “peacocking” where he stated, “I’m big Eastside,” referring his gang affiliation but finished the threat saying, “I’ll kill you and your family. I will go to your house.”


Needless to say, Garces was only able to make good on one of his threats.  On New Year’s morning at about 2 am, Garces as well as his brother, Raymond Garces, and two accomplices, Nathan Avolos and Leonard Calvillo, forcefully entered the house of Torrez in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  The MMA fighter, of course, woke up and took to defend his life as well as the lives of his family—his fiancé, sister and 2 year old son were home at the time.

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When police arrived, they found Garces to be dead in the street in front of Torrez’s residence and Avolos was rushed to the hospital for injuries sustained to his head—in other words Torrez beat him pretty bad.  Garces was found to have suffered multiple knife wounds throughout his body as well as a severely beaten skull. The other two were able to get away but were arrested shortly thereafter.


Now although Torrez isn’t being charged with anything right now, it’s doesn’t seem like that’s quite off the table.  Authorities consider Torrezz, on account of his training as an MMA fighter, to be a lethal weapon.  His lawyer on the other hand makes the extremely reasonable argument that Torrez was only doing what was necessary and, “was simply acting in self-defense.”

The New York Daily News reported that, “Both Calvillo and Garces were subsequently arrested and charged with conspiracy and property damage; Calvillo was also charged with aggravated battery.”

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So what do you guys think—did these gang bangers get what they deserved? Let us know in a comment below!

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