Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife Pulled Handgun From Her Genitals During An Argument Over Aliens

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In a strange report, a famous novelist’s ex-wife was arguing with her new boyfriend over aliens—the kind from outer space.  During the argument, the woman removed a silver gun from her genitals and placed it to the head of her boyfriend. Why was the gun in her genitals in the first place? Why she was using it as a sex toy of course.

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The two had apparently gotten into a very heated discussion about space aliens.  After becoming upset, Jennifer McCarthy—ex-wife of famous novelist Cormac McCarthy—had left her residence but soon returned.


Once back home, McCarthy changed into lingerie where she performed a sex act using the gun. Crawling ever close to her boyfriend, she removed the gun from her genitals and pointed it at his head.  The boyfriend then reports that she asked, “Who is crazy, you or me?”

The man then grabbed the gun out of fear that she might pull the trigger and threw it in a toilet in the home. In her crazed state, McCarthy attempted to get the gun but the boyfriend retrieved it, and ran outside.  Once outside, he threw it in a nearby trash can so that McCarthy wouldn’t be able to find it.

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Police were alerted to the disturbance, and the Smith and Wesson handgun was found in the trash can exactly as the boyfriend described.


McCarthy of course denies the man’s claims saying that she did own the gun but that is has been, “missing for a while.” She went on to explain to officers that the two did have an argument earlier in the day where they yelled, “at each other and he told her not to touch him again.” She admits that she did poke the boyfriend’s shoulder, “with her index finger to aggravate him,” and he eventually placed his hand around her neck but removed his hands quickly. She claims that even though the situation escalated, she never feared that her boyfriend would hurt her.

Officers then arrested McCarthy and charged her with the, “aggravated assault on a household member.”

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She was being held at the Santa Fe County jail in New Mexico but was released on $5,000 bail.

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