One Day After Colorado Legalizes Pot, a 2-Year-Old Tests Positive for the Drug

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Only one day after Colorado legalized marijuana, a 2-year-old child was tested positive for pot when she found and ate a cookie laced with the drug that was lying on the ground near her home.

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Pot was legalized on January 1 and only a day later, on Wednesday January 2, a little child was rushed to the hospital after her mother, Aida Hernandez, observed her daughter acting like she was drunk.

Evelyn Hernandez ate a pot-laced cookie in Colorado.

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“She was asleep, she was opening and closing her eyes and she couldn’t walk really well. She was weak,” Hernandez told Colorado’s CBS affiliate.

Police in Longmont, Colorado got involved wondering if little Evelyn Hernandez got the pot from inside her home and began an investigation.

The mother of the child said that the little girl fond a cookie on the ground outside their home and the girl ate the cookie. The thing was laced with pot, as it turned out, and made the poor little girl high.

Mother Aida worried about her little girl, Evelyn.

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Eventually, police came to believe the mother’s story and said they found no evidence of marijuana in the home. The mother also had no criminal record that would indicate drug use.

It is now legal for people over 21 to purchase and smoke pot in Colorado, but opponents of the law say things like what happened to Mrs. Hernandez’ child will continue to happen as pot use soars.

Hernandez told the TV reporters that the pot was everywhere. “Now that it’s legal, they have it everywhere.”

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The woman’s older daughter, Amira, also warned parents about the danger.

“All of the parents watch out for their children. I don’t want other children getting what she got,” she said.

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