Obama Using The Race Card To Change School’s Disciplinary Procedures

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For some reason, the Obama Administration has taken it upon themselves to dictate how individual school districts discipline their students.  Instead of focusing on the major flaws tied to the actual education of our children, Obama seems more worried about blacks being punished worse than whites.

There will always be racism in our country, but the main reason it is here today, is a direct result of African-Americans needing a crutch to lean on when things aren’t going their way.  As Morgan Freeman said it best, the only way to stop racism in the United States is to, “stop talking about it.”  But of course, the discussion must continue in order to surely liberate those oppressed.

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According to a new study, officials found, “African-American students were disciplined more harshly and more frequently because of their race than similarly situated white students.” The results go on to explain that, “Although black students made up 15 percent of students in the data collection, they made up more than a third of students suspended once, 44 percent of those suspended more than once and more than a third of students expelled.”

The study does not explain whether these percentages are looking at the entire population of schools, or the smaller, necessarily disciplined population.  It also doesn’t seem to go too far into the severity of whatever the children did in the first place that required discipline.  Although these two questions would sway the results heavily, it does not appear that they were both taken into effect—after all, God forbid we admit that African-American’s are prone to more frequent and more violent crimes (that’s racist).

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Instead the officials responsible for organizing the study are insisting, “racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.”

So what do we do about this? Well we handle most offenses, where police were originally brought in on account of the school’s zero-tolerance policy, in house. Attorney General Eric Holder stated, “A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal’s office, not in a police precinct.”  Now of course we wouldn’t want to identify these youths before they turn into adults and are capable of much worse crimes—once again, that would be racist.

Instead the study is suggesting that, “all school personnel are trained in classroom management, conflict resolution and approaches to de-escalate classroom disruptions.”

The study’s results also list other recommendations including:

— Ensure that school personnel understand that they are responsible for administering routine student discipline instead of security or police officers.

— Draw clear distinctions about the responsibilities of school security personnel.

— Provide opportunities for school security officers to develop relationships with students and parents.

In other words, the people schools hire, not only are supposed to educate our children, but analyze any threat to the classroom and personally handle it. Education Secretary Arne Duncan explains, “we need to keep students in class where they can learn.”

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So what do you guys think—is this a necessary concern, or more racially motivated malarkey? Let us know in a comment below!

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