VIDEO: Vigilantes With Whips Chase Prostitutes Form Nightclub

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Over the last weekend, vigilantes in western Peru used whips to chase prostitutes out of a popular nightclub there. The video has been going viral.

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In the video we see masked men with whips running through the nightclub chasing scantily clad women out the door. The women are terrified, for sure–obviously the whole goal of the effort.

Men whip the girls inside the club forcing them out into the streets.

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For some reason, the attackers also made the male workers of the club do pushups outside in the streets.

The amazing video was made by a group calling itself the Decentralized Committee of Urban Rounds of Cajamarca. It was distributed to the media in Peru in hopes of warning prostitutes across the country that their trade is becoming a target.

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The group says its goal is to eradicate prostitution and crime in Peru.

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