More Reports Pouring In Show Abnormally High Radiation Levels While The Government Denies Any Relation To Fukushima

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As we reported yesterday, a video went viral showing a man with his Geiger counter taking a stroll down a California beach.  During the video the man’s meter shows radiation levels reaching as high as five times what is deemed as safe by the government.  As more reports seem to be surfacing, Americans are beginning to worry that Fukushima’s radiation is pouring down over the United States.

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The San Francisco man is shown starting far away from the beach but as he creeps ever close to the water, the Geiger counter proportionately increases.  As the readings seem to be coming from the water itself instead of the atmosphere, readings can be seen spiking as much as 500% of safe levels.

Feel free to watch the video here:

“The man behind the video claims that on his previous visit to the same beach, radiation readings were 13 times the safe level.”

The video of the man on the San Francisco Beach coincidentally showed up just a few days after a different man in Missouri measured radiation levels during a snowstorm overhead.  The man revealed that the snow pouring down contained about double the amount of radiation that was considered safe.


As explained by the man only known by his YouTube username, DutchSinse, “small particles of radioactive material are indeed coming down in the precipitation. Past tests show around 30CPM in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation.” He also revealed that an earlier snow storm in 2012 also rendered similar results.

Feel free to watch DutchSinse’s video here:

After the release of the video, along with the video of the man on the beach, a federal investigation was opened into the matter. Authorities however are disputing the radiation is in any way related to Fukushima and are instead claiming they are “befuddled” at what is causing this.


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For some reason, officials are sticking to their guns while assuring Americans that there is no way Fukushima radiation could possibly reach the states—even after experts forecasted that radioactive particles would reach American’s coast in 2014.

It is unclear how officials are coming to their conclusions despite having been lied to on several occasions regarding the severity of the radiation exposure.  Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO—the company operating the Fukushima power plant—has been trying to make the problem appear less serious in nature than it truly was


As The Daily Mail reports, “In September, a BBC report said that radiation readings around the power plant were 18 times higher than previously reported by TEPCO.  And after a tank leaked 300 tonnes of toxic water in August, groundwater radiation readings at the plant soared to 400,000 becquerels per litre, the highest reading since the nuclear accident occurred in March 2011.”

The plant was also recently, “reported that new plumes of radioactive steam were emerging from the crippled reactor number 3 at the plant, but TEPCO representatives refused to explain the cause.”


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Recently the “Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide,” a compound used to protect the human body from radiation poisoning, but denies that the stockpile had anything to do with Fukushima—despite there being no other reasonable alternative.

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