WATCH: Brit Humes’ Epic Takedown Of Obama


January 7, 2014 1:54pm PST

Obama is developing quite the reputation as a careless leader when it comes to the financial and economic status of his country.  In effort to fix problems in band aide like solutions, Obama has countlessly contributed to the national debt in effort to help the dependent.  Brit Humes recently shared his own opinion of Obama and the stance Democrats ignorantly take on the matter During a Fox News segment.

He starts out by talking about the extension of employment benefits for the fifth consecutive year in a row.  He states that although the Obama Administration and Democrats claim that Obama is fixing the economy, the need for certain things, such as the unemployment benefit extension, prove otherwise.

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He goes on to point out that although the majority of the blame can be placed on Democrats, the fact that it takes away from the American people can put Republicans in a tight spot.

Stating that we’re four and a half years into this so-called recovery, Democrats continue to put on the façade that the economy is “is getting better all the time.”  We all know that this isn’t the case, but Hume points out, “the job market remains so weak…. that the president considers it an emergency.”  He goes on to point out that Obama is calling the “necessary” extension, “emergency unemployment compensation.”

So the question here is, do we help those truly in need or does it provide a comfort barrier that breeds laziness and a contentful dependency on government handouts? Do we extend the benefits from 26 weeks to 99 weeks for the 1.3 million people about to run out of time?

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He goes on to explain that although, “No one is arguing that these benefits should go on forever,” Obama’s administration is asking to extend them another 3 months.  This, in turn, will contribute another $6 billion to the national debt and, “All Obama advisor, Gene Sperling, would say today is that three months would provide time to discuss what to do for the rest of the year.”

What more have we come to expect than unclear double-talk coming from the White House that provides no real answers and certainly no proposed solutions?

Hume matter-of-factly points out that while Obama boasted his trademark slogan, “Change,” after he was elected, he promised the American’s two things: to revive the economy, and reform healthcare.  Obviously Obamacare’s disastrous roll out precisely portrays how the reformed healthcare seems to be going, and the need for extended unemployment benefits addresses the other.

So the question here is, do Republicans resist Democrats natural carelessness to shell out money further hurting the state of the economy, or do they help those that may need it most?

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Whatever happens, come next election, Republicans will surely have some nice talking points about the Democratic failures of the past years and their incompetency when it comes to solving national issues.

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