Your Tax Dollars Being Used To Buy Welfare Recipient’s Marijuana

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Edit: Since writing this report, it has been revealed that some of the facts put out by the media were untrue.

As the news of Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana spreads across the country, there are mixed emotions about the issue.  However, the newest facts coming to light are sure to tick off any working American.  It turns out food stamps—you know tax payer funded government handouts—are being accepted as payment for recreational weed.

Colorado became the first U.S. state to offer the sale of recreational marijuana to any adult 21 and older as of January 1st, 2014.  In doing so, the state is expecting a massive income from the formally illegal substance that accrued $1 million in sales in just the first day.

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Trying to get a hand on the newest money making endeavor, 136 licenses have been granted allowing the sale of pot.  Of course as procrastination set in, only 18 businesses were granted their license before opening day.  That being said, you can imagine the lines at the business fronts as people traveled from literally hundreds of miles away.

In effort to gain an even bigger clientele, at least one business—although I’m sure all the rest will follow suite—has taken the necessary steps to even allow food stamps to be used as tender for the recreational substance.  That’s right, you heard me! Our tax dollars are being allowed to be spent on welfare recipient’s good times.

As many people struggle to pay their bills let alone their taxes, the outrage is well placed on the matter.  Freeloaders shouldn’t get the extras.  The lazy should get just what they need to survive, that’s it—and if that for that matter.  But to hear that these freeloaders are getting to spend mandated tax payer dollars for recreational use is extremely frustrating seeing how the average American might not have money for their own recreational use.

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Needless to say, Colorado residents are feeling the same way.  Denver resident Paul Horne stated, “If you are a tax payer in Colorado, you get to pay for welfare recipients, a majority of whom are Democrats of course, to smoke pot now.”  He went on to ask, “Where will this all end? First it was Obamaphones, then Obamacare, now Obamaweed? Will we be paying for tattoos, manicures, body piercings, gay marriages and porn next?”

And he’s exactly right. All this in an effort to gain a dependant population needed for nothing more than democratic votes.  This is ridiculous and the worst part about this, is when handouts are reduced, they complain.  You are getting free money, so if you don’t like it, I suggest you do what the rest of the nation is forced to do, and go get a job.

Of course those selling the weed are defending their actions and instead of admitting its about the money they claim, “Everyone should have access to marijuana. If a user is not able to afford their buds on a limited budget then having taxpayers help cover the shortage is only fair. This isn’t a right only for the wealthy.”  If this was the case, then maybe they should sell if for a little less, not allow for free money designated for necessities to be thrown away on drugs.

But how do they get away with allowing for food stamps to be used on something you smoke? They don’t. These shops use a loophole where they offer a wide variety of edible substances containing the drug from, “cookies and brownies to barbeque sauce and homemade butter.”

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However it doesn’t seem that legislators are aiming to fix this problem as they are expecting, “$200 million dollars in economic boost.”

How does learning where your hard earned, mandated tax dollars are going make you feel? Let us know in a comment below!

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