Woman Labeled “Worlds Ugliest Woman” Has Heart Felt Message For The World


January 7, 2014 9:03am PST

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and after being labeled the, “world’s ugliest woman,” Lizzie Velasquez set out to show that sometimes, there’s more than meets the eye.

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Working as a motivational speaker, Velasquez tells her audience that she has never weighed more than a mere 62 pounds her entire life. She goes on to talk about her rare genetic mystery that doesn’t allow her to gain any weight that she, as well as only 2 other people around the world, suffers from.  Further telling audience members, she conveys that she is also blind out of her right eye and discusses the trials and tribulations these ailments have brought on her life.


Velasquez reveals that sometime in her junior year in high school, she stumbled across a video of herself with the title reading, the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” Countless of heartless viewers commented on the video saying things such as, “kill it with fire,” and telling her to “do the world a favor, put a gun to your head and kill yourself.” Of course as anyone would be, Velasquez was extremely hurt by the video and was gearing up for war, when something clicked in her head brining her to the conclusion that she would just let it be.

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The main point of her speech is to tell people that you are the one that defines you, not anyone else.  Demonstrating her point, she revealed that is the exact thought that entered her head after thinking about the degrading video.  She decided right then and there, that she would not let complete strangers dictate her life, but that she would set out to show that there’s always more than meets the eye.

Velasquez has since used that motivation as fuel towards her life goals.  Describing that she wanted to graduate college, have a career, write a book and start a family she explains that three of them have already become a reality.  She tells audience members that the she accomplished her first goal of graduating college with a degree in communication studies from Texas State University.

She also explains that even though her career started with a simple Google search asking, “how to become a motivational speaker,” eight years later, she still stands in front of audiences as a successful speaker.  She also mentions that she will soon submit her manuscript for a third book of hers to be published.

Lizzie Velasquez is a true example demonstrating just what the mind is capable of.  No matter how cruel the world, and cowardly the human race can be while sitting behind the screen of a computer, others should not be allowed to dictate the circumstance and direction of your life.

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Take a look below for an even more inspirational message Lizzie Velasquez had during an appearance she had on TED:

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