Former Marine Gets Two Life Sentences For Sexually Abusing His Two Children Since Birth

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A former Marine and Purple Heart recipient is in prison after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing and molesting his own two children since birth. Referring to what he called, “daddy-daughter sex,” he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences behind bars.

Jonathan Adleta, 26, told his pregnant girlfriend—at the time—that the only way he would marry Sarah Adleta, 29, was if she would allow him to have “daddy-daughter sex,” with his unborn child.  For some strange reason, the woman obliged him, where the two were married one year after the birth of their daughter in March of 2009.

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Unfortunately for the child though, the abuse began from the moment she was born.  The disgusting couple went on to have another child, this time a son, where he was also abused.

Jonathan Adleta

Soon after, the couple’s marriage became too much to handle, and they parted ways.  The abuse of their children however, didn’t stop as the two animals continued to corrupt their children over Skype—a program that allows users to communicate via video chat.

Jonathan moved to Oklahoma where he found another woman willing to comply with his sick fantasies.  This time, Samanatha Bryant, 23, allowed for her own child to be taken advantage of by Jonathan as the two pursued their own relationship. Sarah would even occasionally take a trip to Oklahoma from where Jonathan previously resided with her in Florida just to continue the abuse of their children.

Testimonies of the two women in court demonstrate exactly what U.S. District Judge Roy B Dalton Jr said when he called Jonathan, “heinous,” and informed him that he was responsible for, “’the destruction and scarring of his own children.”

Sarah Adleta

Sarah disgustingly revealed that during a trip to Oklahoma in December of 2012, she brough along her toddler daughter who she once again allowed to be molested by Jonathan.  As she sat in the room while it happened, she describe that her daughter, “seemed very resistant,” and, “really upset.” Jonathan then suggested that Sarah find another man to exploit his daughter so that the next time she wouldn’t be, “freaking out.”

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Of course, for some strange reason, she listened to the horrible man seemingly under his spell and went out in search for another pedophile.  The “FBI was tipped off when the mother sent naked pictures of herself and the toddlers to a man in North Carolina.” Apparently the mother had taken to the sexual molestation herself, as she performed sexual acts on both her children so that the predator could watch.

Sarah was sentenced to 54 years behind bars for the complicit molestation of her own two children—the children have since been put up for adoption.

Samantha Bryant

Jonathan’s Oklahoma girlfriend, Samantha, was charged with two sentences to be served consecutively of 15 years and 30 years–totaling a full 45 years behind bars for two counts of lewd molestation.

After being arrested and tried, Dalton took another crack at the man saying what he had done was, “despicable and egregious,” also mentioning that he is a, “grave danger to children.” Despite the fact that Jonathan’s lawyer urged the court to grant leniency because of his service in the military, Dalton strongly disagreed.  He stated that instead, Jonathan’s actions brought, “dishonor to the Marine Corps.”

The grandfather of the children, and Jonathan’s ex-father-in-law, Leonard Lippy, pleaded with the judge to, “make sure he never touches another child again.”

Orlando federal court where the Adleta’s trial occurred.

“Lippy has no contact with his grandchildren who are being put up for adoption.” He later told reporters that, “He gets time but it didn’t bring my family back. You’re going to tell me two life sentences makes this right.”

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