Michelle Obama to Cost Taxpayers $63,000 For Hawaiian Vacation


January 6, 2014 4:00pm PST

First Lady Michelle Obama’s extra little vacation in Hawaii is going to cost the US taxpayer an additional $63,000 reports say. And that is just the costs of the flight

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The Obama’s have been vacationing in Hawaii for the last week or so and were all supposed to fly back to Washington DC this week. But First Lady Michelle has decided to stay an extra week at the luxury resort–paid for courtesy of the taxpayer, of course.

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Actually, that isn’t even the whole of it as that $63,000 is just the estimate of the flight costs, reports say. It doesn’t count the costs of the extra week for Michelle’s Secret Service contingent, their lodging, overtime, and flight costs.

According to American Overlook, Michelle made several expensive changes to her travel plans, one of which was her choice of planes in which to come home on Jan. 16.

Ms. Obama chose to travel in private military jet similar in size to the Boeing 737. The jet is described as an “office in the sky for senior military and governmental leaders. Communications are paramount aboard the C-40B [jet] which provides broadband data/video transmit and receive capability as well as clear and secure voice and data communication. It gives combatant commanders the ability to conduct business anywhere around the world using on-board Internet and local area network connections, improved telephones, satellites, television monitors, and fax and copy machines.”

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Again, this estimate for the costs of the flight does not include the costs of the lodging for the extra stay in Hawaii nor the costs for all the dozens of support personnel the Obama’s require while out of the White House.

Glenn Beck recently discussed the costs of our “royal” Obama family. He found that the costs of the travel and vacations for Barack and clan came in at an astonishing $300 million dollars annually. By contrast, the whole Royal family of England only costs them about $57 million annually.

It is a disgusting opulence we afford our presidents, isn’t it? In the mean time, this horrid Obama economy is throwing millions of Americans out of work. Tell us your thoughts in the talk back section.

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