BUSTED: 29 Year Old Teacher Caught Red Handed With 14 Year Old Student In Her Steamed Up Rocking Car

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A Wisconsin teacher is behind bars after getting caught red handed in a car with “steamed up” windows.  Disgusted passers-by alerted police to the rocking woman’s car that was parked in a nearby parking lot.  Little did officers know that they would find a little more than a couple of lovebirds.

Megan Garland, 29 pleaded no contest to the charges as she told the court not only that she entered into relationships—yes plural—with students, but also groomed them to keep her dirty little secret.


Garland was known to test the waters before entering into a relationship with a student.  According to reports, she admitted to having sexual relationships with two separate boys—one 15 and one 14.  She would pave the way for the relationship by first flirting with the boy’s in a sexual manner inside the classroom. Garland even went as far to give the boys snacks and offer them rides in her car.

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Of course the pubescent boys weren’t too hard to take advantage of.

Garland faces separate charges for the 15 year old boy where she reportedly groped him.  Touching him inappropriately, she also made sure to force the boy into touching her sexually.


Back in May however, she was caught with the 14 year old boy in her car in a parking lot not so far away from the school. Someone happened to see the car rocking with, “steamed up” windows and decided to call police in effort to scare off whoever may have been in the car.

To officers surprise though, they stumbled onto something a little more severe.

After deciding to tell authorities everything that had ensued, she told police just how she vetted one of the boys.


Garland’s father had revealed that she was suffering from long term depression and anxiety throughout the countless years, she admitted to cutting herself on school grounds.  The 14 year old accidentally witnessed it, where she made the boy promise not to tell—a wish he willingly granted.

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Garland told the court that, “All I can do is offer my sincerest apology,” and that she is currently, “seeking treatment which includes the use of medication.” This of course doesn’t sit well with the mother’s of the boys and local residents even though she claims that she will continue to, “work on my issues.”


The mother of the elder boy told the courts that her son struggles with his experiences with sex as well as his new take on it. She also claims that the boy doesn’t seem to trust women after Garland “meticulously planned,” how she would get the boy to, “indulge her sick fantasy.”

She also brought a letter from the mother of the younger boy that claims Garland made up lies about the boys so they would be suspended from their basketball team. The mother claims that she, “has ruined his chances of becoming a basketball star,”—a farfetched fantasy, but the point is understood nonetheless.

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Garlands attorney hoped that her “searingly candid” interview would earn her a reduced sentence of only one year behind bars, but the judge wasn’t all that impressed.  She instead faces up to four years in the big house.

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