Brother Shoots Sister In Face With Airsoft Gun After He Finds Her Twerking

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The tweaking epidemic is becoming out of hand as countless young girls look up to morally bankrupt stars like Miley Cyrus.  Apparently shaking your back side and rubbing it on things has become quite the craze even for girls as young as 10 and potentially younger.

A video is going viral showing just how much people hate the crude act especially when it’s done by people they love.

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Of course this brother takes it upon himself to discipline his own sister in his own sick and twisted way.  One could only hope that somewhere down the line, he endures some pain similar to that he inflicts upon his sister in some strange karma sort of way—if you believe in stuff like that.

After revealing that he earlier caught his sister—who appears to be maybe 10—twerking, he aims to teach his sister a lesson.  He loads up his airsoft gun, camera in hand and brings it to the living room.

For those of you not sure what airsoft is, it a pellet type ammunition used in a game older kids and adults play simulating war.  They are often known to sting when they make contact and leave bruises and welts.

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Showing viewers that his sights were locked onto his sister, he begins to pull the trigger.  Not fazed by his sisters excruciating screams he continues to fire shot after shot. Even after his sister yells that, “You shot me in the eye,” the boy demonstrates his careless attitude asking, “You still think tweking’s cool? Huh? Huh?”  Finally leaving the girl crying in pain, he returns to his bedroom to find another weapon.

This time he takes a pistol, of course after showing it was loaded to the bathroom where you can hear his sister crying.  He once again points the weapon at his sister and asks if she wants to, “twerk again.” As the girl cowers in fear in a ball on the bathroom floor she pleads with her brother screaming, “no.”

After fully dominating the girl, he declares, “That’s right, you’re not.”

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Where do you guys stand on this—is twerking this repulsive or was the brother wrong for acting this way? What would you have done if you found out your son took it upon himself to shoot your daughter with an airsoft gun? Let us know in a comment below!

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