Obamacare Disaster Continues: Sen. Rand Paul’s Son Ends Up on Medicaid

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The disaster that is Obamacare rolls ever onward. This time we have U.S. Senator Rand Paul who has been trying to get his own family signed up for Obamacare only to find that the state of Kentucky automatically assigned Paul’s own son to Medicaid even though the Senator was trying to arrange for an insurance policy he intends to pay for himself.

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Senator Paul is no indigent character, here, and he has plenty of money to pay for healthcare insurance for his family. But as he attempted to sign up for insurance through his state-based Obamacare exchange, the state automatically signed his son up for Medicaid, the health service that is supposed to be reserved for the poor.

Sen. Rand Paul displays the Medicaid card that Kentucky illicitly sent his son.

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As Paul notes in the video clip above, the state of Kentucky is supposed to have one of the best services in the nation–a low bar, there–but if the state is shunting people who can pay for their insurance into Medicaid, that is another failure of the system that should not be happening.

The fact is, quite despite what the Obama administration is saying, Obamacare is still failing miserably all across the country.

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Kentucky troubles pale in comparison to other states, of course.Minnesota’s top watch dog agency says that MNsure–the state’s Obamacare exchange–is such a miserable mess that the whole thing needs to be investigated and overhauled.

In Oregon, the state Obamacare exchange director resigned because that state’s system has collapsed in failure.

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A similar fate met the official in Maryland who ran that state’s exchange. Rebecca Pearce resigned for the mess in Maryland.

Obamacare is a total failure and getting worse. It should be repealed. What do you think?

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