Possible Fukushima Radiation Hitting Beaches in San Francisco

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Some are beginning to worry that radiation from Japan’s disastrous Fukushima Nuclear reactor meltdown has hit America’s west coast.

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Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant operated by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) went into meltdown after being severely damaged during the 2011 tsunami that was created by the Tōhoku earthquake. Millions of gallons of water were contaminated with nuclear radiation and cast out into the ocean as a result of the damage to the plant.

The nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant.

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But now many on the western coast of the USA are worried that contaminated water is hitting our shores.

A spate of recent videos by amateur scientists have hit the web showing that radiation on the beaches are reaching at least a dozen times higher than the average reading of what is known as “background radiation”–the sort of radiation that normally surrounds us all every single day.

US authorities say they are investigating the many readings on the west coast that so many are reporting. The government says it will have its own report soon.

But authorities are trying to ease any fears that this is from the Japanese nuclear disaster.

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“It’s not something that we feel is an immediate public health concern,” Dean Peterson, county environmental health director, said to the Half Moon Bay Review newspaper. “We’re not even close to the point of saying that any of this is from Fukushima.”

The Japanese government and TEPCO have been caught many times misleading its own citizens about the dangers of the Fukushima disaster. In many cases they’ve been caught outright lying about the situation.

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So, should we believe our own government that rising levels of radiation on our west coast can’t be a result of the Fukushima disaster?

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