Surveillance Camera Catches Cop Planting Drugs On Businessman

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A local NY businessman’s life was turned upside down when he was placed under arrest after police found drugs in the smoke shop he owned.  Lucky for the man, he had a surveillance system set up that surprisingly captured a police agent planting the drugs he was arrested for.

Smoke shop owner, Donald Andrews was going about his daily life when a customer walked into his local smoke shop called, Dabb City Smoke Shop.  Andrews sells a variety of tobacco smoking paraphernalia that are often used for illegal drugs, making him an easy target for officers looking for drugs.

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Soon after the customer left, police officers entered the shop and arrested the owner accusing him of possessing crack-cocaine.  With Andrews facing the potential of spending the next 2-7 years in jail, he was quick to have his attorney take a look at the surveillance footage he installed in his store.


Now it wasn’t a surprise to find out that the drugs didn’t belong to Andrews, but what did shock the men was the fact that is was placed there by someone working for police.

A confidential informant, or CI, is a criminal asset used by police who need information on bigger offenders.  What usually happens is these “small” drug offenders are arrested and flipped for information.  In other words, if they give up their suppliers, they don’t go to jail—a good incentive for the criminals. However, sometimes, these CI’s don’t have information and in an attempt to save their own skin, they fabricate evidence.

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That seems to be the case here as you can see the CI deliberately and intentionally place the drugs on the counter of the innocent businessman.  It is unknown if officers knew what their CI was doing, but police officers arrested the owner for drug related charges nonetheless.

Andrews’ attorney, Kevin Luibrand, narrates the surveillance footage informing the public, “He comes in and places the crack on the counter… which under New York State law would get him 2 to 7 years in jail.”


What would have happened if the businessman would not have had a surveillance system in place? An established innocent man would have spent the next years of his life unjustly behind bars for what? So that a couple officers could look good for a little bit on a fabricated drug bust?

Of course some of the local community is playing the race card since the smoke shop owner was African American. Just because the police officer’s lie, doesn’t give the right for race baiters to take advantage of the situation and lie to make themselves look better.  He was targeted because of the type of shop he operated, plain and simple.

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What do we do when those that are meant to serve and protect against criminal activity are the ones committing the most heinous of crimes—framing the innocent for personal gain? Let us know what you think of these officers in a comment below.

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