Welfare Recipients Get More Assistance Than Disabled Veterans And Still Aren’t Happy

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Welfare recipients are starting to speak out against Obama as he compensates for our $17 trillion national debt.  As welfare cuts are made, the freeloaders are starting to get upset with the president that depended so much on their vote.

As we all know, Obama doesn’t need to get reelected so this population no longer matters to his sociopathic agenda. So when people’s free food stamps are being cut from $1170 to $1106 the outcry is really quite pathetic.

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If anyone deserves the help from our government, it is those that sacrifice so much for our country in the name of freedom.  Those that protect the freedoms of strangers and politicians that sit comfortably at home while they’re being shot at by the enemy.  Those that came back missing parts of themselves, whether it be physically or mentally—our wounded vets.

Kevin Lake from The Free Patriot explains:

Many of these veterans are missing limbs, have severe back and joint pain and other issues as a result of the heavy body armor they wore in the wars in the Middle East, and an even larger number suffer from invisible wounds, such as P.T.S.D., the root cause in 22 veterans a day taking their own lives in the mass veteran suicide epidemic we are now seeing in America.

Sadly, the government assists our wounded veterans, on average, $1,000 on VA disability.  So when you hear someone complaining that their $1170 in food stamps is being cut, it’s hard to feel sorry for them.  After all, food stamps is just part of what these lazy people mooch from the government.

Our veterans on the other hand, who literally don’t have the choice to work aren’t even making enough to live.  Being taken advantage of by the government as a pawn, they are discarded when they are no longer needed, or capable, and out of obligation, throw the minimal amount of money as dictated by the laws of previous presidents.

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The thing about this is, welfare recipients will flat out tell you that they don’t want to get a job—why should then when the government continues to dig deeper into debt in order to secure votes.  Veterans on the other hand will more than likely tell you that they would serve again if they had the chance or were able.


Why should we support those that contribute nothing to society and in fact are a blemish to our nation?  And those that deserve it most are brushed off as an inconvenient obligation?  Since when did the priorities of this country become so twisted?

Welfare recipients have been proven to make more than the deserving disabled war veterans yet they still complain that they aren’t making enough. You know what could earn you a little more money?—Get a job!

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Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people that depend on welfare and rightfully so—what kind of nation would we be to turn our backs on those that truly need it (i.e. sick and disabled).  But since when did freeloaders become part of the group the country has to support?

Check out this Facebook post from just one of the lazy population:


But what do we do about this? Is the nation that far gone that this epidemic is beyond repair? Let us know your solution in a comment below!

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