Doctors Find Three Inch Nail In Mans Head After He Complained He Wasn’t Feeling Well

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A Chinese man, as well as his doctors were shocked as the results of an x-ray after the man had come in complaining that his head didn’t feel right.  To their amazement, doctors told the man that he had somehow lodged a 3 inch nail into his skull and would need surgery to have it removed.


Yang Yi Kui, 55, from Jiangsu province, China had just complete a long day of home repairs when he noticed that something wasn’t quite right.  After realizing that a strange feeling was a little more than exhaustion he decided to take a trip to the doctors.

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Once there, he complained that he was feeling light headed and queasy and the doctors proceeded with some tests. When the doctors came back with the results of an x-ray, Kui was, needless to say, a little shocked.


Apparently sometime during his day of DIY projects, he was using an electric cutting tool.  While using the saw ripped a nail from the wall and sent it flying.  The nail, acting like a bullet, went so fast that Kui didn’t even know what hit him when it penetrated his skull. The only evidence it left was a small superficial puncture wound that looked like a cut just beside his left eye.

Somehow, Kui did not suffer any significant injury and the nail was successfully removed from his skull during surgery.


He is currently in stable condition and recovering nicely.

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