Deaf Man Brutally Assaults And Rapes A 15 Year Old Girl On Her Way To School

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A man recently released from prison for similar crimes is back behind bars after DNA linked him to an assault and rape.  The hearing impaired man reportedly beat a 15 year old girl with a pistol and raped her leaving her in critical condition.

Luis Pantoja, 25, or otherwise known as “Silent” to his gang banger friends, had just gotten out of prison 3 months to the day of his most recent arrest.  According to his history, Pantoja has had quite the run in with police over the past years as his criminal record spans back to 2005.  Since that time, he has been charged with crimes relating to drugs, theft, and disorderly conduct.

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In August of this year, “Silent” was charged with criminal assault but released after police failed to demonstrate probable cause.


Exactly three months later on December 17, a 15 year old girl was found around 8 am in a residential back yard lying in a puddle of her own blood.  The girl was found with her pants forcibly removed and her shoes off. Originally, police thought the assault happened around 6 am, but later found it to have happened around 35 minutes later.

This somehow led authorities to Pantoja who lives just a few blocks away from where the attack occurred—and after comparing DNA from a condom wrapper found nearby, they formally charged the man.  Needing a sign language interpreter in court, the judge informed the man that he was being charged with, “attempted first degree murder, aggravated criminal assault, aggravated battery, and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.”

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The judge also informed Pantoja that he was being held without bail.

Police credited their ability to link “Silent” to the crime from his last offense–in 2008, he was arrested and charged with the failure to report an accident. Alexandra Klausner from the Daily Mail states, “The 2008 crime in addition to his previous crimes led to a six year stay in prison that required him to hand over DNA to the federal database. The police were able to match his DNA from the scene of the crime to the DNA in their system.”

Police also found and seized Pantoja’s Arminius blue-steel, seven-shot handgun from his home, but it is still unclear if this was the weapon used in the attack.

The girl remains in critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital but is showing signs of improvement.  Just last week she became able to communicate with authorities and continues to make progress every day.

North Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya gave a statement Sunday saying, “Everybody knows she was in really bad shape. She’s doing better. Her and her family are taking it day-by-day, but we can only keep her in our thoughts and hope she improves, but she is doing better.”

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Why are these men always able to assault so many people like this before being deemed a hazard to society? Let us know what you think of “Silent” in a comment below!

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