“Doggie Diddler” Caught On Tape Having Sex With Family Dog

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A Florida pizza delivery driver was caught on film having sex with his roommate’s dog, and apparently, it wasn’t his first time.

When the man’s roommate started noticing significant personality changes in her dog, she began to get worried.  As she noticed the “family pet” limping around and becoming afraid of people, she decided to set up a camera.

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After she did, she was shocked to find that her roommate, Joshua Lee Werbicki, was raping her dog.  She soon put two and two together that it had been happening for quite some time and called police.  They immediately went to Werbicki’s place of work at Papa John’s where they arrested him.

Werbicki was booked on charges of cruelty to animals and sexual acts involving animals.  The reason they charged him with animal cruelty as well is because that holds a felony charge whereas the sexual acts involving animals is only a misdemeanor offense.

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The dog who is continuing to limp around because of her injuries remains in the custody of its owner.

Brevard County Animal Services Sgt. Michael Healy states that the county is seeking to file an injunction that will prevent Werbicki from owning an animal at any time in the future. Unfortunately though, this would only apply in Brevard County.

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