MSNBC Ties Duck Dynasty Guns To Mass Shootings

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On a recent episode of his show on MSNBC, host Thomas Roberts brought Len Everett on as his guest. The topic was Duck Dynasty’s new gun line.

Everett is with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. He made the outrageous claim that Phil Robertson is launching the new gun line as a way to market guns to conservative, middle-aged, white males.

So in otherwords, Phil Robertson has now been demonized by the left for finding a profitable way of expanding his multi-million dollar hunting empire. And in the typical tradition of MSNBC hosts and their guests, they managed to find a way to pull racially divisive rhetoric into the news of this product launch.

From the show’s transcript. Everett warms up with this statement:

Well, look, I mean I think the Robertson family is banking on being able to market firearms, you know, by issuing some of these very extreme political comments and hoping that it appeals to basically a swath of far right-wing Americans that they assume are their main customer base. I’m hoping that backfires. When you poll gun owners in this country, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of them are very moderate in their views. And I think many of them will not embrace the type of, you know, misogynist, racist, anti-gay comments that Phil Robertson is making.

After the anti-gun Everett gets done lecturing MSNBC’s audience on the personal views of gun owners, he makes his best attempt at eliciting controversy over a VERY non-controversal product expansion from a popular company.

“I think sadly every day more people are being pulled into this conversation because they’re losing loved ones or they’re being injured and their lives are being catastrophically affected. In terms of the dynamics of mass shootings, you mentioned semiautomatic firearms being used. The other very common element here obviously is high capacity ammunition magazines, and of course that ties into the Duck Dynasty story where they have now decided in addition to traditional hunting firearms, to also try to market some semi—automatic firearms that accept 25-round magazines which is obviously not necessary for plinking around your house.”

The MSNBC host then responded:

“No. Or for taking down a duck but that’s a different story.”

We are relieved to know that MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts is now an expert on proper duck hunting weaponry.

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