Man Stuck of 26th Floor During High Rise Fire Tweets His Experience

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Trapped on the 26th floor. That is what happened to New Yorker Gurinder Singh “Mickey” Atwal who Tweeted his whole experience live as it happened.

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Atwal , a scientist working in New York, was in his 26th floor, Midtown Manhattan apartment when the fire broke out several floors below him, trapping him in his home.

As Atwal Tweeted, the fire department worked its way to Atwal’s 26th floor.

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As the DailyMail reported:

John Lupiano said his 40th-floor apartment was completely engulfed in smoke–despite the flames starting 20 floors below.

“The smoke just permeated so quickly and densely,” he told MailOnline. “Black, horrible smelling thick smoke.”

He led his wife and two sons down 40 floors in the stairwell. When they got to the 20s, they were nearly overcome by the smoke.

“In the stairwell it was more concentrated. I was worried because I could feel the breathing get harder, but what was the choice? To go back?” he said.

“The biggest fear is if you fall, you’re gonna be consumed by the smoke.”

“It was getting worse quickly. But then when we got to floor 18 it cleared out.”

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Atwal is married to German-born model and fashion designer, Nadja Atwal, 42, who became famous in Europe for staring on Poland’s Next Top Model.

She is a well known model and fashion expert in some circles.

Recently she shilled for an effort to help couples with fertility issues called “#IGiveAFunk about making baby dreams come true.”

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