88-Year-Old Vet Store Owner Thrown in Jail Because He Can’t Afford Repairs

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A proud 88-year old, small business owner went to jail after a judge ordered him to fix a cracked brick wall that a local commision has deemed as a public hazard.

The business owner, Kenneth Knudson says that he simply can not afford to fix the brick wall and added that the city has yet to show him any leniency on the matter. “I went around and tried to get contractors to bid on it and fix it and no one was interested,” he said.

Knudson added that “the city offered to do the work for $10,000 and apply it to his taxes, but he said that’s just too expensive. You should be able to buy the whole downtown for five thousand.”

Knudson has never been in trouble with the law until this incident.

He told Fox 4 News in Kansas City, “I was on the planning commission for Horton, I’ve been the president of the chamber, I’ve been on the appeals board.”

The man has been embedded into the community for years.

Fox 4 went on to report:

Knudson said when he went to court on December 23 to let the judge know he couldn’t afford to have the work done, he said he was fined $100 and then put in jail.

“I just couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Knudson’s wife, Veda.

Veda Knudson said she and her husband have been married for 66 years and she never thought he would spend time in jail. Knudson said it came as a shock to him.

“They can’t throw you in jail for that, you didn’t do nothing. I said no, that’s why they’re throwing you in jail. I didn’t get nothing done,” he said.

Since Knudson spent the night in jail his story has gone viral on Facebook and inspired alot of people to offer to help. Hopefully, Knudson quickly gets the help he needs because the judge is not letting up. Knudson has been ordered to have the wall fixed next month or face a $500 fine.

What are your thoughts? What would you do if you we’re in Knudson’s position? Let us know in the comments section below.

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