Megyn Kelly Admits To Sharing A Bed With Another Woman On Air


January 5, 2014 10:48am PST

While talking about the impending winter storm meteorologists have dubbed, “Hercules,” Megyn Kelly was talking to a few weather experts.  While on the air, she awkwardly asked senior meteorologist Janice Dean if the storm meant they would have another chance to spend the night together in the same bed.

After Dean had stated that everything in New York was going to be shut down as a result of the storm, Kelly asks, “Does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?”

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As puzzled viewers look on, Dean, of course, could only stand there dumbfounded and speechless while trying to analyze what Kelly had just said over the air.


Dean hesitantly state, “Oh my goodness! I have no words!”  She goes on to say, “Except that we’re going to be on YouTube in a few minutes.”

After a while, Kelly realized what she had just inferred and sought out to correct the statement she made.

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She told the camera, “The only reason I said it is because during Hurricane Sandy, Janice and I shared a hotel room so that there was, were enough rooms for all the people on air.”

Of course after wishing the incident had never arose, Dean succumbed to the moment and attempted to play it off with a little comedy.  She jokingly told Kelly, “I’m happy to say that you’re the only female that I’ve ever shared a bed with.”

Kelly, trying to put an end to the uncomfortable occurrence, told viewers, “Well, there you go, thanks for sharing, and over sharing. See ya, hon.” Dean then blows a kiss to the camera signaling the gesture toward Kelly.

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As viewers watched the extremely awkward moment unfold, Kelly most certainly got a few looks from her own crew.  Putting an end to the moment in definitive explanation, she declared, “We’re godmothers to each other’s children, it’s not like that.”

Sometimes you have to wonder if these guys—and gals–think before they speak—what do you guys think? Let us know in a comment below!


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