6-Year-Old Rapes 5-Year-Old Cousin In “Mommy And Daddy” Game

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In what appears to be the first of its kind, the youngest ever rapist has preyed on his little cousin.  A six year old Malaysian boy succeeded in raping his 5 year old cousin as baffled doctors confirmed a tear in the girl’s hymen.

A Malaysian boy is being accused of rape after the children’s grandmother found them naked playing a “mother and fathers” game.  The mother immediately took the girl to the hospital and informed doctors of what had happened.  To their surprise, they found that the boy was actually able to rape the girl as she had a small tear in her hymen.

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As the initial doctor did not believe it to be possible on account of the boy’s young age, he consulted with a urologist.  Although the urologist relayed that it was not likely, he did confirm that is was possible.

The girl’s mother claims that she is not looking to press charges—probably on account that the rapist belonged to the family—but instead only told doctors in order for her to be medically evaluated.

Chairman of the Malacca Action Group for Parents in Education, Mak Chee Hin, conveyed that, “It is shocking that young children are capable of such acts.” He went on to explain that, “Blame should be leveled at the adults who do not give guidance and care to the children.”

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Reporters asked for the urologist’s opinion on the matter to which he explained that although is it unlikely for a boy to have an erection, it was possible stating that the occurrence happens more often in Caucasian boys. Furthermore, he pointed out that some boys are even born with erections.

He went on to say, “In Western countries, medical reports suggest that young boys and girls can experience orgasm although boys will not be able to ejaculate until puberty.” Further explaining the point, the urologist said, “For Asian children, it is very rare, although there have been rare cases that are mostly attributed to surroundings and upbringing.”

He then speculated that the action could be a direct result of the boy having been exposed to pornographic material.  “It could be due to witnessing an adult performing an intimate act or watching pornographic videos.”

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Restating the truly bizarre matter at hand, he finished by stating, “Even if the child had an erection, it would have only lasted for a while and not to the extent of penetration.”

If the family does decide to press charges, the child would be subject to a full medical report that would most likely name him the youngest ever rapist—if not the entire world, then at least, the country of Malaysia.

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