HORRIFYING VIDEO: Man Clutches Baby As Gunman Opens Fire On Public Bus

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A Michigan man may be counting his lucky stars tonight after being shot at point blank range and suffering exactly zero injuries as a result.  Surveillance video has been released showing a man opening fire on a bus and the chaos left in his wake including one man clutching onto his child.

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Grand Rapids Press/MLive obtained the Grand Rapids bus video showing the frightening incident from several angles.


The video begins by showing two men riding the bus obviously in cahoots with each other.  As the bus approaches its destination, one man is seen shooting a look back at the other man seeming to infer, “it’s almost time.”  The bus stops and opens its doors where two thugs stand up and appear to be exiting the video.

The bus driver wishes the suspects a “Happy New Years,” which is when the men made their move.

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What the video shows next is quite disturbing.


The man closest to the back of the bus takes out a pistol from inside his coat pocket, racks a load and points it at his unsuspecting victim and starts pulling the trigger.  The man flinches for the first pull as the gun misfires but sits up when the gun doesn’t go off.  The thug pulls the trigger again, but once again it misfires.

In a strange coincidence, the gang banger seems to pause for a moment and zero in on the victim before pulling the trigger a third time when the gun actually goes off.  The bus erupts in terror as the gunshot echoes throughout the bus.  The gunman pulls the trigger another two times resulting in just as many misfires once again and eventually leaves with his faulty weapon.


The man stands up and is seen stumbling around the back of the bus patting his chest down in an attempt to assess his injury.  He leans forwards appearing to pass out when you hear a witness say, “Dude, he just got shot.”  The victim then stands up and runs toward the front of the bus saying, “I didn’t get shot. I’m cool.”

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Multiple angles of the footage were release showing the bizarre incident as well as passengers reactions.  One angle even shows a man clutching onto his child while the gunmen leave hoping they didn’t come to the front of the bus. Others were heard urging the bus driver to leave the scene in fear that the suspects would come back to finish the job.

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