‘Endless Parade of Sexual Jargon.’ Viewers Flood FCC with Complaints about CBS Hit Show

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Several viewers of the CBS comedy, 2 Broke Girls are complaining that the hit comedy is too raunchy and they are asking for the FCC to take action against the network.

The NY Post has reported that at least 91 “fans” of the show have logged complaints to federal regulators in the last two years. Many of the complaints center around many of the sexually charged phrases that are used my the two main characters, two “broke” girls who start a cupcake business.

Here are some of the angry complaints that were revealed by governmentattic.org:

“Forced fellatio and ejaculation on a woman’s breasts are not prime-time material,” one angry viewer from Kentucky wrote.

“From constant comments about sexual positions and ejaculation in every orifice to menstrual cycles in much more vulgar terms…Two Broke Girls is unrelenting,” wrote one Texas viewer.

A California viewer complained of, “derogatory homosexual lifestyle behavior, condoms, sluts, getting laid, getting wood, dropping wood, horny and sex with two redheads, just an endless parade of sexual jargon.”

One viewer added, “I was shocked to hear the term “bitch” used twice and so loosely in a prime-time show when children could be watching.

The Parent’s TV Council who has long been advocating a clean-up of the airwaves has not commented on any of the indecency complaints. CBS will not comment as to whether the FCC has taken action as a result of the complaints 2 Broke Girls has garnered.

MrConservative.com reported in September on some of the show’s dialogue that included, “Texas Hates Women And Florida Hates Blacks.” This part of the script was apparently a reference to the abortion battle that raged in Texas and the high profile Zimmerman trial in Florida.

CBS is reportedly planning to air a promo featuring the two main characters on stripper poles during the Super Bowl and one thing is for sure: The FCC should see plenty of more complaints.

Have you watched this show before? What are your thoughts? Do you believe it is too raunchy to be on the air?

(H/T: NY Post)

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