BUSTED: Fake Navy SEAL Who Claimed to Shoot Osama bin Laden

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A man who started a defense company is now being accused of swindling the very people who invested in it by making them believe he was a Navy SEAL when he actually never was.

The man is AJ Dicken. He was known for weaving colorful connections about this special and elite force. He made up a host of special awards and major declarations that he duped people into believing were actually real.

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Best of all were his claims that he was actually the Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden. And it didn’t stop there. Dicken also claimed that he was also responsible for killing Pablo Escobar the Columbian drug lord.

Here is a promo video from the phony training camp he ran:

On ABC 20/20, One woman who was a Navy Veteran reported that, ‘he wouldn’t just start telling these outrageous stories just right off the bat.’ She went on to say, ‘he would drop little bits of things that are plausible. And he would tailor the plausibility story to each person, knowing what they knew.’

The woman, Carol Roberts, met Dicken at his military-style training camp in Carson, City Nevada. After Dicken launched this training camp, he began building the groundwork for the up-and-coming defense company which he called Global Resources and Logistics. The company won a contract from a group who is associated with the United Nations and large investmenets from two doctors.

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Once it was revealed that the company was based on a massive web of lies, Dicken quickly went into hiding. He first retreated back to California and then to a remote part of Alabama. Everytime a new local news affiliate starting digging into Dicken’s claims, he was on to the next place.

Dicken’s real background includes bartending and a criminal record. And now that his scam has been revealed, we are guessing he’ll have a little bit more of a criminal record to contend with.

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