Actress Rose McGowan Chases Knockout Game Thug

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Actress Rose McGowan is claiming to have witnessed a crime. But not just any crime. She is claiming to have witnessed the “knockout game” in an attack on a 65-year-old victim right there on the streets of Los Angeles.

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The actress chronicled the attack on her Twitter feed on January 2.

McGowan claimed that the attacker came cruising up on a skateboard and was wearing a mask as he smashed the poor elderly man in the side of the head.

Actress Rose McGowan

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McGowan said she tried to chase the attacker down but was unable to catch him. But she did write about what she witnessed on Twitter:

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This criminal knockout game is occurring in every state in the union quite despite the claims to the contrary that liberals are belching out in the media. And now, a liberal actress has chronicled one of these attacks. How will the left explain that?

Kudos to McGowan for speaking up.

On a side note, is it just me, or is this chick always doing duck lips in photos?

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