“Brain Bandit” Steals Brains From Museum And Sells Them On Ebay

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A man allegedly stole tens of brains and sold them online for quite a bit of money.

David Charles, 21, was looking for a new way to earn some money so he took to the life of a thief.  Breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum, Charles made off with about 60 jars of brain matter. After making off with the goods, the brain bandit sold each jar online for about $100 a pop.

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Police were alerted to the man’s crimes after a man had reported it to local police.  It turns out that the San Diego man, was one of Charles customers having bought 6 jars of brain for about $600 dollars where the clueless Charles accidentally left the museums stickers still on the jars.

Police: Indianapolis man stole museum brains sold on eBay

The man who bought the jars thought this suspicious and actually called the museum to make sure the purchase was legal.  Of course it was not, and after the museum contacted police, authorities tracked down the Ebay account that actually sold the brain matter.

Now this person wasn’t Charles, but a third party who did eventually roll over on Charles.  Police then contacted the brain bandit saying they were interested in purchasing some of this contraband for a sting operation.

Meeting at a local Dairy Queen, police arrested David Charles.

Apparently the brains were stolen from the museum that actually sits atop the location of an old mental institution.  The brains themselves were artifacts that had been removed during autopsies of mental patients from the 1890s to the 1940s.

Mary Ellen Hennessey, the museum’s executive director stated, “It’s horrid anytime a museum collection is robbed.”  She went on to explain, “A museum’s mission is to hold these materials as cultural and scientific objects in the public interest. To have that disturbed — to have that broken — is extraordinarily disturbing to those of us in the museum field.”

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Hennessey recently went on CNN to explain that the reason he was able to get away with so many jars was because he didn’t actually rob the museum but a remote storage area that holds much of the museums stored artifacts.  He also committed the robberies over the span of the year.

Hennessey also mentioned that the man that bought the brain simply, “liked to collect odd things.”

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