Bikini Wearing Baristas Divide Washington Town

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Members of a little tourist town in Washington state are up in arms after comments made by some skimpily dressed bikini baristas.  The comments didn’t come out of nowhere but after a local resident insulted the establishment.  The argument has contributed to fist fights, and threats toward the coffee shop.

The controversy started when Jesseka Kathleen Cladek, a local resident posted on the Sips Ahoy Facebook page that the company consisted of nothing more than a, “run down whore house.”

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This of course insulted employees, the owner and most of all, the owner’s father.  Meghan Calavan’s father, Kelly, replied to the post writing that Cladek was “a huge fat b—- that no one would want to see in a bikini.” The father continued his written rampage saying, “She is just jealous of you beautiful fine lady’s!!.She looks like a fat pugsly Addams!!!”


It wasn’t soon before the owner of Sip Ahoy barista stand, Meghan Calavan, joined in on the assault.  Calavan wrote that Cladek was “just jealous cause she’s fat and ugly and always will be. She’s gross lol look at her pictures. Her arms are the size of my thigh lollololol.”

She abusively went on to say that, “She’s training to be a sumo wrestler.” She even went so far as to say, ““Your worthless save world hunger by shooting yourself the rest of the world would like to eat also.”

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Outraged by the response Cladek and her mother eventually reported what she is calling cyber bullying local media stations. She asked reporters, “What if I was unstable and actually did kill myself? Would it not be OK?”

The two even went as far to begin a petition on Facebook for all local residents to boycott the company—her main goal being that the company is forced to shut down.

After the comments went public, Kelly Calavan was quick to explain that, “People said they were going to come out and put urine in a super soaker and soak the girls and they said they were going to park their cars in a big circle around the stand and not let anybody in and then they said they were going to put gasoline in a super-soaker.”

He went on to mention that, “People called the stands and called the girls whores and sluts,” and that his car had been dented and his house was egged.

Meghan Calavan has posted two times on the “Boycott Sips Ahoy” Facebook page that she was sorry but reports that both times, the apology was taken down.

Of course Calavan is claiming that if anyone was bullied, it was her. She explains her stance saying, “When I was a bartender I had a girl throw a Jager bomb at my face because she did not like my boobs because my boobs were big.”  She also informed reporters that she hires, “girls of all sizes with a nice personality.”

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It seems here that both sides were in the wrong. First Cladek for opening the door and publicly trying to humiliate a company—what did she expect, that they would say nothing back? And then for Calavan and her father for not ignoring the disrespectful comments and trying to say something even ruder in return.

Either way, it would seem that if both parties made an apology to one another the conflict could be resolved.  Instead it appears as if Cladek has no intention of this as she has publicly deleted the apology from Calavan twice trying to make the owner look worse than she already does.

What do you guys think—who is to blame here? Let us know in a comment below!

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