US Post Office Accidentally Delivers President’s Gifts to Wrong House

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Well, here is a shining advertisement for the US Post Office. A story out of Chicago finds that the Post Office accidentally delivered gifts sent by the President of the United States to the wrong house.

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It might not be a complete failure by the Post Office, but near enough. Apparently a woman from Wadsworth, Illinois–a city in Chicago’s northern suburbs–got a late delivery on New Year’s Eve of some Christmas gifts her brother-in-law sent.

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The box that arrived was from a toilet paper carton and inside was the practically destroyed package her brother sent, all in disarray, some of the gifts broken open.

Apparently the box her brother-in-law sent was either not packed very well in the first place, or was mangled by the post office itself and Postal operatives repackaged it in a box they had sitting around.

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But as Mrs. Alane Eklund Church finished pulling out the contents of the toilet paper box, she discovered one last present stuck in the bottom of the box. When she read the tag she got quite a shock.

The tag on the gift read, “To Mama Kaye and Papa Wellington,” and the gift was marked as “From Barack, Michele, and the girls.”

That’s right, Mrs. Church discovered that the Post Office stuck a gift from President Obama in her mangled box! She took to Twitter to express her surprise.

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Apparently, the Obama’s were trying to send a gift to Eleanor and Wellington Wilson, the Obama’s girls attempting to send a photo book of their 2013 experiences to the Wilson family–as they have for several years before.

Mrs. Church tracked the Wilson family down and returned the gift to them. “She is so kind, and very excited to get her picture book of the girls’ lives in 2013!,” Church wrote of the Wilsons on her Facebook page.

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