Liberal CNN Fabricates Lie In Phony Phil Robertson Controversy

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Apparently this goose—or duck—isn’t cooked just yet as CNN is bound and determined to cause trouble.  In effort to stir the pot, CNN is attempting to spin Phil Robertson’s comedy into something he controversially said.

A new, but older, video is coming to light in the wake of Phil Robertson’s homosexual comments.  The video seems to show Robertson a while back speaking to an audience claiming that men should marry their women at around 15 or 16 years of age.  CNN, of course taking the comment out of context, is using it to rile up the public.

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If anyone tried even a little bit to figure out the truth behind the matter, they would see that the comment was said in a jestful manner.  That being said, CNN is portraying themselves in an extremely transparent attempt to stoke the fire.

The video when watched in its entirety show’s Phil Robertson joking about the fact that he married his own wife when he was 20 and she was 16.  Now of course this worked for him, and as he used the example in a comedic light with the audience roaring in laughter, he does explain to, “Check with Mom and Dad about that, of course.”  What he meant by this was implying that it may not necessarily be legal despite being funny nonetheless.

In 10 states though, it is legal as law dictates that children can marry as young as 15—with parental permission of course.  In New York the law rules that it is ok for children 14 and older to get married.  And in Georgia, where CNN’s headquarters are located, children can marry as young as 16.

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But of course in effort to make “news,” they push the filth that not even MSNBC wants to touch—not even the likes of Melissa Harris-Perry or Chris Matthews will stoop to that level and that’s saying something.

Breitbart’s John Nolte brings up the point that, “If Phil Robertson were a leftist woman using similar humor to make the same point about marrying men, CNN would hail her as an edgy genius saying something ‘worth talking about.’”

What do you guys think—are liberals trying too hard to make the other side look bad? With all that’s going on, you’d think they’d have something better to investigate and report on.

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