Houston Woman Injected Deadly “Poor Man’s Heroine” Into Genitals

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Mexico health officials are now reporting that a young woman who injected the flesh rotting drug “Krokodil” into her genitals is an American, not a Mexican citizen.

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Mexican authorities are reporting that contrary to earlier news reports, the young woman is from Houston, Texas, and became addicted to the drug in the states.

“She acquired this problem with Krokodil in Houston, not here in Puerto Vallarta,” said Dr. Enrico Sotelo, the head of the council on addictions in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

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The virulent drug “Krokodil” is showing up more and more these days. It is a heroin-like drug that is so powerful it causes scaly lesions on the skin and with prolonged use rots flesh and bone.

The effects of the drug are frightening, indeed, but users become so hopelessly addicted that they don’t care at all that parts of their bodies are literally rotting away.

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Imagine doing this to yourself just to get high!

Truly frightening, isn’t it? Tell us your thoughts below.

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